The pedlar man came into town;

He was selling silks and laces

And bits and bobs and shiny beads

And fancy belts and braces


“Come out, come out, good folk!” he cried,

“Come out and buy my wares!”

And all the people in the town

Came bounding out like hares.


They crowded round the pedlar man;

But I was rather shy

For I hadn’t got much money

And I didn’t know what to buy.


And when it came to my turn at last,

There was nothing left to see

Except a little golden ring,

And I swear it winked at me.


And the pedlar winked and said to me,

“Step up and look, my son,

I’ll let you have this last one cheap.”

And so the deal was done.


The lads and lasses laughed at me;

They said I was an ass

To waste my precious pennies

On a bit of common brass.


But Nancy, she was smiling;

She said the ring was fine.

So I put it on her finger

When she promised to be mine.


Now I know for certain that it’s true

What the old folk used to say

That there's a little bit of luck

In every pedlar’s tray.


Many happy years have passed

And now it can be told

That the ring the pedlar sold me

Was made of fairy gold.


The pedlar never came again

He went his wandering way

But I bless him that this bit of luck

Is with me to this day.



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